I am researcher and how do I cite this book? There is one bibTex?

Hi @jsouza, good question. You can cite as:

title={Dive into Deep Learning},
author={Aston Zhang and Zachary C. Lipton and Mu Li and Alexander J. Smola},

Thanks a lot for writing such a wonderful book. A blunt question Are solutions to the exercises available? Apologies in advance if I have missed the context.

Hi @sushmit86, thanks for your comment. We are seeking for community contributor for the exercise.

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Thanks Is there a separate repo for that ?

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Yes. While it is not public one. Please dm me if you are interested to contribute.

Hello! I was curious at what package/software is the book running on? It looks like jupyterbook but there seems to be an (awesome) comment feature!

Hi @wtruong, please follow the install instructions here and you will see the required packages.

Hi, How do I get the book in pdf format with tensorflow/pytorch code examples? Currently, by default, it downloads with MXnet code examples only.

hi @goldpiggy, Can I get this book in Mobi/Epub format so that I can read it on kindle or mobile devices? Reading pdf or web format is not easy on mobile or kindle.

Hi @Shilpa_Raju, great idea! We will definitely add this to the “TODO” list. (While it may not happen soon since we are short of hands. Please let me know if you would like to contribute to mobi/epub version! :slight_smile: )

It isn’t a great idea. If you want to learn to code DL, don’t just read and code as much as you can.
BTW, if you don’t own a GPU server, you can’t train any complicated models secretly.
Maybe you are open source fans, then it is welcome to spend your time on colab or kaggle to share your models and data.
But if you want to do some business to afford your meals and don’t want to share, it is expensive to learn DL. So I give up.
I can’t find any cheap servers installing newest version and garanteeing that it won’t steal your model to his business on market.
Amazon Sagemaker is not friendly for Chinese users that don’t have a credit card and often use Alipay and WeChat Pay. I have said it lots of time. :expressionless:

BTW, it is cheap to buy a tablet to just read. For me, it cost me only 200 RMB to buy a used XiaoMi 1 tablet. There is always bargain if you search on web.

Hello everyone. Glad to be here!

Hi @goldpiggy, I believe challenge is going to be mathjax elements. I am not sure about the technical know-how of this. If you can point me to the right solution, I can try contributing.

@Shilpa_Raju @goldpiggy Can you please give me the solution of exercise of Optimization. I really need it for understanding

Hi @sk06kumar, we are still working on the solution set. Sorry for the inconvenience.

@goldpiggy solution is not available of any exercise of the book?

@sk06kumar, we encourage you to ask/share at the forum, while we are working on the solution set. Thanks!