I am researcher and how do I cite this book? There is one bibTex?

Hi @jsouza, good question. You can cite as:

title={Dive into Deep Learning},
author={Aston Zhang and Zachary C. Lipton and Mu Li and Alexander J. Smola},

Thanks a lot for writing such a wonderful book. A blunt question Are solutions to the exercises available? Apologies in advance if I have missed the context.

Hi @sushmit86, thanks for your comment. We are seeking for community contributor for the exercise.

Thanks Is there a separate repo for that ?

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Yes. While it is not public one. Please dm me if you are interested to contribute.

Hello! I was curious at what package/software is the book running on? It looks like jupyterbook but there seems to be an (awesome) comment feature!

Hi @wtruong, please follow the install instructions here and you will see the required packages.