Using Jupyter

install jupyter notebook by conda install notebook

Measure A⊤BA⊤B vs. ABAB for two square matrices in R1024×1024R1024×1024. Which one is faster?

I think it depends on data? Do we use SVD or sparse matrix when multiplying?


We can use the Hinterland plugin to give a hint without using tab while coding. Use the following commands to install the plugin:

pip install jupyter_nbextensions_configurator
jupyter nbextensions_configurator enable --user

And we need to check.

You can research more plugins in this picture.


For me, I usually use vscode to open ipynb files.

I can open a few of ipynb files at same time

Click here:

Choose an interpreter easily:

Open two files at same time:

Crop a file to right to open two files at same time:

Jupyter Notebook quick start

  • Open or create a Jupyter Notebook file (.ipynb) and start coding in our Notebook Editor!

For more information you can:


Hi, in the notebooks, I see labels as below

Would it be possible to compile them and show numbers/links for equations/images in the jupyter notebook?


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Hello! Have you solved this issue?