Using gitlab instead of github

i see nobody using gitlab,
Could i fork and make copy of all your work on Gitlab (opensource code hosting framework).

I work on opensource/free software.
I would like to see project would available in Gitlab too. :blush:

You can git clone ,then upload to gitlab. :rofl:
Only need to cite it, because of MIT license.

    title={Dive into Deep Learning},
    author={Aston Zhang and Zachary C. Lipton and Mu Li and Alexander J. Smola},
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:slight_smile: I would not copy but just telling our teachers.

My internal Point was trying to say to use Opensource code hosting repo than proprietary.
I hope they would understand my point .

So can we students continue using this forum?

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Discourse is free/opensource too. unlike other forums it does not contains any company tracking codes.
Nice to meet you friends.

But I can’t find any jobs as AI PM. I have no income to feed me.There is no meaning to learn DL.
I give up!

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BTW, if you want to train complicate DL models, you must need to buy server to train.
So Amazon supports the book. I just remind you.

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:slight_smile: Exactly this happend to me months ago. Seeing on job portals, In my country I’ve found jobs but either for AI researcher requiring some phd person, or Engineer jobs highly Experienced developer is required.

Although I’ve finished all Specialization by andrew ng + nlp + gan + udacity nanodegree.
After all this is thing that human had never think it would be possible. Miracle is yet to be seen.

I then decided to have backup brain and started learning c++ software development and django things. but I’ve not left. As me of person of free software belief, I will sure buy server to train but with open company which don’t tracks to it users and i am searching for it :slight_smile: .

Life is so tough, and I don’t :joy: have any confidence to learn or develop a thing with no income. I need to survive. :sob: