Using Amazon SageMaker

mxnet:Run on Amazon SageMaker
sagemaker docs

An example: 轻松构建 PyTorch 生成对抗网络(GAN)
Amazon Sagemaker 与 NVIDIA Jetson 平台结合打造智能边缘
玩转 GPU 实例之终结篇 – 深度学习的工具与框架

I don’t have a credit card.

I found I can skip the HTML of credit card then login in.

We maybe need 24 hours?

Does it mean that I must need a credit card if I amn’t a student?

Or you can be a awseducate to avoid a credit card needed :

@astonzhang , you need to add mxnet tab for this and add corresponding pytorch.
Reduce inference costs on Amazon EC2 for PyTorch models with Amazon Elastic Inference