Selecting Servers and GPUs

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  1. NVIDIA Optimized Deep Learning Framework, powered by Apache MXNet Release Notes - NVIDIA Docs
  2. PyTorch Release Notes - NVIDIA Docs
  3. TensorFlow Release Notes - NVIDIA Docs

NVIDIA Data Center Deep Learning Product Performance
Google pytorch vm

FrameView Performance and Power Benchmarking App

Graphics cards are investments, bought on the promise of delivering excellent performance in that card’s class for at least 2 to 3 years. It’s therefore important that the benchmarks of these cards, which you’re likely using as research, are accurate and cover all the bases, showing frame rates, frame times, power usage, performance per watt, and more.

Comparison of learning and inference speed of different gpu with various cnn models in pytorch

  • 1080TI
  • 2080TI

Horovod synthetic benchmarks
Transformers Benchmark