Recurrent Neural Network Implementation from Scratch

There seems to be a broken reference in section 8.5.3 in the second paragraph " :numref: sec_mlp"

Hi @HarryDC, eagle eyes! Can you post an issue on our github? Thanks for contributing!

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Thanks. Now it’s fixed. See comments in

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the second traning (use_random_iter=True) uses the model trained by the first time:
(1)the ppl is from about 2.0
(2)the curve is bumpy

So misleading :sweat_smile:

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I argee with “uses the model trained by the first time”. Thank you for reminding us.
I think use_random_iter=True maybe is a way to converge better when it is hard to converge our model.

There is a statement H, = state in function rnn.
I’ve never seen such a usage. What does it mean?
I asked some colleagues around me, but nobody knows.
Can somebody kindly explain it to me?
Many thanks!

This statement unpacks an iterable of length one

x, = [2]

The second training still uses the same data iterator which is sequential not random. Am I missing something?