Reading group

We had a successful reading group for today, 06/06/2020 at 7pm with 5 people and I’m trying to get more reading groups at different time slots of the day started.

The idea would be to have reading groups 24 hours a day.

There is one coming up on really short notice but I didn’t plan this up until 30 minutes ago so this will probably fall flat due to too little people joining.

But if you’re interested please come ahead with times that’d work for you.

Link to the post on that got the first reading group started:

Link to sign up:

How to participate to this reading book?

Hey, just click on “SCHEDULE” after opening this page: and leave a comment with your forum username (@ouafo_mandela) on the 7PM reading group.

If something is unclear just go ahead and ask here, I’ll be happy to answer any further questions.

Hi @manuel-arno-korfmann, that’s a fabulous idea!

If you want to join the group that started at 7PM GMT+2 (20 minutes ago), feel free to to so:

Please notify me in case there are any difficulties with joining.

Thanks for organizing it!