`pip search d2l` These packages' function

PS C:\Users\a8679> pip search d2l
d2l (0.14.3) - Dive into Deep Learning
INSTALLED: 0.14.3 (latest)
d2l-zh (0.8.10) - Dive into Deep Learning (in Chinese) Utils
quizmake (0.1.1) - Question generator package for D2L and Moodle
d2lmf (1.0.0) - A command-line tool to help mark assignments submitted to D2L.

goldmermaid commented 11 hours ago
Hey @StevenJokes great questions and answers! :wink: I suggest you to ask the similar questions on the forum since the question will valuable to other readers. Please close the issue if there is no other doubt.

But I need more details about them…

Hey @StevenJokes, d2l and d2l-zh are packages for supporting d2l’s notebooks. As for the other two, I am not the best one to answer this question, but I just google it:

Why can’t I find these github repo by googling?

oh I can search these in https://pypi.org/project/

d2lmf: https://pypi.org/project/d2lmf/

d2lmf looks like related to d2l course, but it isn’t.