Pdf with pytorch code as opposed to mxnet

Hi there,

First of all I would like to thank you all for such an amazing resource. This book is just amazing, the best resource I could find on DL :slight_smile:

I was wondering whether you were planning on releasing the pdf of the book with pytorch code snippets instead of the mxnet code. I know the online version has both, but the pdf currently is only available with mxnet as far as I can tell.

It could be useful if people want to download the pdf but want to learn pytorch as opposed to mxnet.
Happy to be involved in revamping the tex-build with pytorch if that’s something you’d be interested in :slight_smile:


It will be done, please wait and watch.

You can print PDFs of the pytorch notebooks and use them instead.
(Note that not all notebooks have pytorch versions at the moment).

Thanks @StevenJokes, do let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.
I’m happy to tinker with the latex files so that multiple pdfs are created automatically with different code excerpts.

Thanks for your advice @Dragomir_Radev. Ideally I wanted to read the d2l book (pdf) but with code excepts in numpy + pytorch as opposed to MXNET. I don’t think printing the pytorch notebooks is what I’m after (I would like to be able to follow the book and read the pytorch examples from within the book itself).

What I was saying is that the first 13 or so chapters have notebooks in pytorch, which you can execute and then save as PDF. The resulting PDFs are equivalent to the matching mxnet-based chapters in the large book file.


I’m not the official employee. But as I know, they use d2lbook to build pdf


But I suggest you read by running the code. It will be convient to search the source code and any docs related