Parameter Management

in the first and second pytorch code, for function
I guess it should be
nn.init.XXX(m.weight, *args)

pytorch.nn.Module.apply(fn) Applies `fn` recursively to every submodule (as returned by .children() ) as well as self.

it doesn’t make sense to repeatedly initialize net[0] and it’s aiming to initialize all parameters

Hi @kwang that’s a great catch. If we are to apply initialization to all the Linear layers in the network, then we should replace net[0] to m inside the init_normal function.

Ps. While I was at it, I have fixed the naming of the functions too. The second function should be named init_constant.

This is now fixed in master. You can soon see the changes in the next update to release branch.

For tied parameters (link), why is the gradient the sum of the gradients of the two layers? I was thinking it would be the product of the gradients of the two layers. Reasoning:

y = f(f(x))
dy/dx = f’(f(x))*f’(x) where x is a vector denoting the shared parameters.