Machine Translation and the Dataset

What is the syntax to load Spanish to English data to this section, rather than French to English?

hi @smizerex, great question. You may need to download the Spanish corpus from the original website.

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That much I figured, but I was more along the lines wondering how we would modify “d2l.DATA_HUB[‘fra-eng’] = (d2l.DATA_URL + ‘’,
‘94646ad1522d915e7b0f9296181140edcf86a4f5’)” to do that?

specifically the “94646ad1522d915e7b0f9296181140edcf86a4f5” part
I feel like its some sort of reference to your guys dataset, and there should be and equivalent I could use to do spa-eng and I just have to get you guys to tell me what that equivalent might be. :slight_smile: