Generative Adversarial Networks

The loss of discriminator is better to be bigger.
The loss of generator is better to be smaller.

I can’t figure out a question:
Anyone helps me?

Hi @StevenJokes, we want to minimize both loss. Can you specify where do you see the following augment? Thanks



I forgot the book name… Too many books I have read…

I found 《深入浅出PyTorch:从模型到源码》writen by 张校捷

4.7 生成模型:VAE和GAN


LossD = -(logD(x) +log(1-D(G(z))) (4.11)

Do you understand Chinese? Just keep same to the passage.
I have tried google translation to English, which is understandable for me.
BTW, recommend a chrome extension沙拉查词-聚合词典划词翻译/cdonnmffkdaoajfknoeeecmchibpmkmg/reviews?hl=en
It is convient to translate Chinese to Engish and English to Chinese.

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