Do these before you ask!

If you have any questions, you should do these first.
0. Read again your code and contrast with code given.

  1. Read the below discussions including all tabs “mxnet”/“pytorch”/“tensorflow”
  2. Try to Google it & Stackoverflow it.
  3. Update all your package, for example,
    maybe you need:), if we forget to update the version number : pip uninstall d2l
    pip install d2l -U -i
  4. Use the search button to find the related context.

    Old discussion:
  5. Go to the repo’s issue:
  6. Look for the preview version to find out whether it has been resolved.
  • Go to the official website, find your related answer.
  • Read related tutorials
  • Search related discussion
  • Try to read some related code and find related issue

source code:

source code:

source code:

If you do these first, you will save both our time.

If you really have some bugs you can’t fix, please publish all your code or give your github URL and locate where you have problem.
It is hard to guess what happened in your computer.

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How to pin it? @goldpiggy

Great idea! Let me talk with Mu and Aston before pin it.

pip install git+

You will get the newest pypi package to aviod

By the way, if someone really helps you, you’d better give a love for him/her. It will encourage more replies and make the forum active.

For win10 users:
activate pytorch
didn’t work in Powershell, only in cmd or git bash.
I hate WIN10. I need money to buy a new computer.
So pip install git+ didn’t install in the right place.

Read through before you ask.
You will get what you shouldn’t ask and how to ask.

  1. I’m tired about the too slow reply. There is no new discussions created to last chapters, you say that you are working on it, but you don’t. No new discussion here. @goldpiggy
    But, anyway, still thanks to all your selflessness reply. Thank you.

  2. And now, I don’t think that the discussion and this learning will help me get a job.
    I’m an “Open Source” fan. The problem is that I really need some money to show my family my work is valuble, who always blame me staying home and “playing computer”.
    So sorry, I will quit. Maybe I will get a not so related job or prepare “Postgraduate Entrance Exam” to get a useless CS master degree in next few months.

  3. Recommend two videos:
    Young Steve Jobs on how to hire, manage, and lead people - MUST WATCH
    Steve Jobs talks about managing people

Hi @StevenJokes, thanks again for being a contributor. D2L wishes to help everyone improve deep learning skill, rather than help everyone find a job. I believe if you keep working hard and find your passion, you will find your dream job one day! :slight_smile:

(Besides, can delete the Chinese posts? It’s inappropriate to post here as this forum is for technical Q&A.)

Hey @StevenJokes,

I understand that you are suffering. I experienced that pain and struggling too. So I wish to share you my little story and wish you can find some hope.

Back to my undergrad, the university forces us to find a job (internship) started at year one or two, and each student has to find and work for 6 internships in total to graduate. Usually more than 50+ students coming from all different years are competing for the same job position. Hence, as you can imagine, since the senior year students who are more experienced, they may easily beat junior year students on the same job position.

When I was in year two of university, I started finding my first job. I still remember I was browsing various of job hunting websites day and night for weeks to submit my resume, while at the same time i have to keep up with my regular undergrad lectures, homework, monthly exams, etc… Everyday I finished the job hunting, it was after 1am, while there was still a morning class coming soon. Luckily my grades wasn’t bad, and it brought me to some interviews. However, as I am much less experienced and less professional than the other senior students, I continuously got rejected by one after another employer. I sent hundreds of emails to those employers who I feel they may give me a chance. But barely anyone replied. I was devastated at that period. It was the November in Canada, and my heart was as frozen as the temperature outside. Less and less jobs posted, and it was approaching to the deadline of locking down a job. So I totally understand the hopelessness and struggling that you are experiencing now.

As the deadline approaching, I still cannot find a position and I had to change my mindset. There must be some reasons that the senior year students are better than me: they were probably more knowledgable, more experienced, more professional. So I decided that I would take more classes at the coming winter term and strengthen my skillsets. At the same time, I viewed each job interview as an opportunity to improve myself, rather than bagging them for a job. Maybe just a small improvement as tiny as fluently communicating with the interviewer and introducing myself. After each interview, I came back and noted down what I did great, what i still need to be improved. What is more, I sent emails to the employers and ask for feedback rather than “whether they can offer me a job”, so I can be as competitive as the other candidates in the future.

Interestingly, after changing the mindset and not caring too much the results, something changed. The interviewers started replying my “feedback inquiry” and said they would like to meet me again next semester if my skillsets meet their bar.

That is my little undergrad experience, and I believe for each student’s first job hunting, he or she experienced the similar struggling. However, I do want to convince you that “YOU WILL MAKE IT IN THE FUTURE” if you keep improving and keep a positive mindset. Just as I eventually found my first job by the end of my deadline.

I hope it helps!
Goldpiggy :slight_smile:


So please please give more feedback about what I need to improve and how, rather than “passion and keep working hard” these nonsense words. I am not finding some job for school’s internship, but just for surviving. So I am more anxious and crazy. @goldpiggy
It’s real “deadline” for me. I don’t have much time to learn these techniques if I have no income to afford my living’s cost.

mxnet new discussion here: is the right way to ask question.