Data Manipulation

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Hi I had an issue while trying to follow with this.
I had installed everythging as per the instructions in the installation chapter, but when I try to import tensorflow in a new jupyter notebook, it gives the following error

Can someone help me with this?

Hi @ikjot-2605, you may need to conda activate d2l before you do jupyter notebook. If you indeed followed the above, check pip list and see if tensorflow is properly installed there.

Thank you so much @goldpiggy, the issue is resolved.


The documentation states that by default the tensor will hold the value of dtype float.
But in TensorFlow, the resulting tensor produces dtype of int32 which I guess is an integer.

" Here, we produced the vector-valued F:Rd,Rd→RdF:Rd,Rd→Rd by lifting the scalar function to an elementwise vector operation." Can someone elaborate on what is meant by lifting?

In our case, instead of calling x.reshape(3, 4) , we could have equivalently called x.reshape(-1, 4) or x.reshape(3, -1). Can someone elaborate more on this?

That means you just put the desired row/column( (3, -1) / (-1, 4) ) shape and leave the other with -1 so that it automatically shapes up the entire matrix.

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