Hi, I wonder if there is a typo in the sentence just before the formula (11.2.5): “However, by convexity the function values on the entire line λx+(1−λ)x have to be less than f(x’)”, instead of “less than f(x’)”, shouldn’t it be “less than f(x)” here? Thanks a lot!

Hi @nxby, i believe you are right! Could you make a PR and be a contributor? 23.6. Contributing to This Book — Dive into Deep Learning 1.0.3 documentation

Thank you @goldpiggy! I’ve just made a pull request.

Hi, Does anyone have solution of Convexity exercises which is in this book?

I think the final line in Eq.(11.2.15) should be:
f(λx+(1−λ)y) = … = λf(x)+(1−λ)f(y)
λf(x)+(1−λ)g(y) is a typo