Anaconda Install in Jetson Nano

I’m trying to install Anaconda on my Jetson Nano. I’ve tried Miniconda and Archiconda. Neither seems to work. We seem to have Archiconda installed, but can’t figure out how to make it run.

Please help!

I didn’t have Jetson Nano. However, can you give us more details of not working, such as screenshots?

Hi Steve,
Thanks for your reply. We finally got it working, including the camera. We needed a few more clues because we were using the Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2. Once we found the right driver, etc, everything started to line up and made sense. Hard to find complete instructions for new users of this board. The Nano is pretty amazing! Looking forward to learning a lot more.
Thanks again,

So if you can record your study’s process,new users will be helped a lot. :innocent:
Look forward to your blog.

Hi Jim! Do you recommend using Nano?