input is 3 dimensions, why does norm_shape use the last two dimensions of the input in the example ,but the last one in the final trainning. normalized_shape is input.size()[1:], but in the trainning, normalized_shape is input.size()[-1]. what’s the difference? why change?

What’s your IDE?What’s your IDE?

I used pytorch. May I ask you a question about two different methods? Mxnet’s method is right and wrong in pytorch. The following changes should be made.

Hi @HeartSea15, thanks for your suggestion! Could you make a PR to our github?

Can LN be done in a single dim? such as tensor with shape [2,3,4], could the LN be done in norm_shape=shape[1] (3)?

Hi @foreverlms, great question. Yes Layernorm can be done at a single dim, which will be the last dimension. See more details at pytorch documentation: “If a single integer is used, it is treated as a singleton list, and this module will normalize over the last dimension which is expected to be of that specific size.